AMINO by Motiv8

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Motiv-8 Amino is a delicious recovery drink with electrolytes and BCAAs for enhanced endurance and faster recovery, along with Hydromax for increased hydration. With Motiv-8 Amino, you will experience faster recovery and enhanced muscle repair. Ultimately, you can train harder and train sooner after your last workout, minimizing your downtime, allowing you to live your best version of you. Not just a recovery drink, motiv-8 amino makes training harder and longer a reality.

Take 1 scoop during your workout and another scoop immediately following your workout.

The Motiv-8 Amino recovery drink is available in several great flavors, including cotton candy, pineapple mango and watermelon.

*This supplement panel is base for all Motiv-8 Aminos but each flavor has it's own unique Flavor Matrix.