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Classic, Dependable, machined milled iron

The sound an iron plate makes as you slide it on a steel bar isn't something you can
easily forget. Or replicate.

We take a lot of pride in what we do, focusing on premium iron and steel fitness
products. Family-owned in the USA since 2020, Barbell Standard is the
most recognized brand of Milled Iron Plates in the world.

LIfetime warranty for lifetime quality Barbell Standard milled weight plates..
Barbell Standard 45 lbs Standard Barbell Olympic Weight Plate
2% Tolerance Guarantee for every plate that we sell.
Barbell Standard 45 lbs Standard Barbell Olympic Weight Plate
Barbell Standard 25 lbs Standard Barbell Olympic Weight Plate
Barbell Standard 10 lbs Standard Barbell Olympic Weight Plate
Olympic Weight Plates (pairs)
Olympic Weight Plates (pairs)
Olympic Weight Plates (pairs)
Max out your Barbell Standard weight set and get a free 10 pound PR pack.
Free US Shipping for all Barbell Standard weight sets

Olympic Weight Plates (pairs)

Barbell Standard Milled Iron Olympic Plates

  • Premium virgin iron precision machined milled to within 2% tolerance
  • Our testing and rigorous quality control ensures our plates are well within tolerance, and the vast majority of the plates we sell are within 1%. Join thousands of satisfied customers right here in the USA that rely on Barbell Standard Milled Iron Weight Plates for every rep, set, and lift.
  • Black heavy-duty finish to protect your plates from the elements

Quality Comes First

  1. Your plates are cast with over 40 years of knowledge
  2. Your plates are then expertly machine milled to our precise specifications to achieve our strict 2% weight tolerance.
  3. The center hole is precisely drilled out to +/- 1mm precision.
  4. Next we implement the first step of the strict quality control procedures that ensure your plates are the highest quality milled plates on the market. At this stage over 90% of exceptionally rare defects are removed from the line and recycled.
  5. Your plates are then coated in a durable black finish and painted before making a stop at our second quality control checkpoint.
  6. Then your plates are shipped to our warehouses where we perform our final quality control check before your plates are delivered to your door.
  7. And of course the quality control check that matters most is your own.

We can't wait to hear what you think about our craftsmanship and your new Barbell Standard weight plates.

  • Free Shipping Available
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • USA Phone Support
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Everything we sell comes to your door from right here in the USA. Historically based in Pennsylvania, Barbell Standard is now incorporated in Florida with warehouses across the USA to ensure fast and reliable shipping across the country.

Black and white image of bar on floor in gym with many heavy weights showing Barbell Standard logo
Needle bearings for consistent spin

Robust Design

Built to last Olympic Barbells
Olympic Barbell 3000.
Olympic Barbell 3000.

Olympic Barbell 1500

1500lb Competition Olympic Barbell

  • Cold-pressed 4140 steel, expertly quenched and tempered for commercial-level load and balanced whip
  • Regulation length and weight (86.6", 44lbs)
  • 15.75" loadable chrome sleeves , accepts all Olympic 2" plates
  • 28mm Chrome grip to optimize for rust protection and grip
  • 5 year warranty
  • 190k PSI tensile strength offers lifetime quality and balanced whip
  • Five needle bearing rollers on each side for a smooth consistent spin on every rep
  • Medium 1.2 knurl with clean center to prevent neck irritation
  • Dual-knurl marks for both powerlifting and olympic lifts
  • Free Shipping Available
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • USA Phone Support
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