Big Park, Big Weights

Big Park, Big Weights

Half a ton lift, 100% Heart

When it comes to lifting heavy weights competitively, there are no shortcuts or magical potions that can help you reach the top. It takes years of dedication, grit, and the occasional failure to achieve greatness. 

Enter Parker "Big Park" Phelps, a man whose life had been leading up to one epic moment at Oklahoma's Strongest Man

Parker "Big Park" Phelps had danced with destiny before, but this time, he could sense that something was different.


Twice before, he had come achingly close to claiming the coveted State Record, missing it by literal millimeters. However, the 1,035 pounds in front of him now seemed almost like a walk in the park compared to the monstrous 1,132 pounds he had recently pulled in

Failure is just another step toward Success

In March 2019, at the Oklahoma State Powerlifting meet, Parker faced a weight that was over 400 pounds lighter than today's challenge. With the State Record in his sights, just shy of a full lockout, Parker stalled. Refusing to throw in the towel, he pulled with every ounce of his being. But the weight won that day.

Fast forward to the spring of 2022, fresh off a glorious victory at his first regional Strong Man competition. Parker's hopes soared as he approached his first State-level Strong Man Championship event.

He had his sights set on the Deadlift Record, ready to claim it with one mighty lift. But just as victory seemed imminent, disaster struck. His right hand slipped from the wrist strap, sending the bar crashing to the ground—along with his dreams of glory.

The Time is Now

One year later, at the next Oklahoma Strong Man event, Parker had rededicated himself and transformed into a force to be reckoned with (as if he wasn’t before). And then, the organizers announced the Silver Dollar Deadlift—an event that favored lifters with a shorter frame. 

Standing at 5'10" amidst towering competitors averaging 6'2", Parker knew this was his best chance yet.

Training relentlessly, Parker reached new heights. Maxing out at a staggering 1,132 pounds (only 157 pounds away from the World Record), he knew he had the strength within him to break the Oklahoma State Record of 1,025 pounds.

Let there be no doubt

As Parker pulled 1,035 pounds, cheers erupted from his friends and family. But the celebration quickly transformed into a chaotic frenzy. A competitor's camp disputed the validity of the lift, igniting a debate among the crowd. Parker wasn't one to shy away from a challenge. 

With unwavering confidence, he silenced the naysayers by offering to lift the weight again, eradicating any lingering doubts of his accomplishment.

As he stepped back to the bar, the arena crackled with electric energy. Nervous anticipation morphed into pure excitement. Strapping up, his confidence wavered momentarily. Yet deep down, he knew the truth—the time had come to silence ANY doubt.

With one final pull, he had done it. Congratulations to you, Parker, for setting the Oklahoma State Deadlift Record at 1035 pounds, and for your hard work and dedication. 

We can’t wait to see what Big Park does next!

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