How to lose 30 pounds in 30 days without exercise

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How to lose 30 pounds in 30 days without exercise


Of course, exercising can help you lose fat faster, however for beginners, changing the way you eat is a tough enough challenge on its own, so if you need to learn how to lose 30 pounds in 30 days I'd recommend focusing on what you eat first & foremost.

Exercising will also make you hungry, so it's always best to have your diet in check before you add additional stress to your routine. Everyone tends to overestimate the number of calories they burn during any given activity. You'll burn way more calories on an hour walk in the park for example, than on a 15-minute run. It can be counterintuitive, but we'll get to that later.  

"The goal is a sustainable change to your calorie intake."

Easier said than done, right? Let's start with the first 3 golden rules of dropping weight:

Stop drinking alcohol 

Beer, wine, and even liquor are full of calories. This makes maintaining a caloric deficit difficult. Alcohol also affects your judgment, and willpower making it that much easier to stray from your goals. If you're trying to drop 30 lbs in 30 days just stop drinking for at least that period. 

Stop drinking sugary drinks

I drink way too much Coke Zero, and it's not healthy but it doesn't make me hungry, and it does help me stay away from traditional sodas. So if you must drink something other than water try a San Pellegrino, or a diet drink.

Stop snacking

I fast until 2-3 pm every day because I'm just not hungry in the morning. So I have 3 small meals before I go to bed squeezed into 6 hours. If you want to eat 5 times a day, that's not a problem. Keep track of what you eat, and don't eat outside of your chosen meals.

You have to "burn" 1,000 calories to drop 1 pound of weight. So if 2,500 calories are your maintenance level then you should shoot to only consume between 1,000-1,500 per day.

Carbs or no Carbs?

Cutting carbs from your diet will make you drop water weight which can help motivate you to continue dieting. You should always remember that it is in fact only water, and it will come back the moment you eat pizza. I love carbs so cutting them out completely makes any diet impossible. I opt for low carbs instead since, in the end, it's all about calories in & calories out.

Eat food that keeps you full

One of my favorite diet accessories is the InstaPot! It made losing weight easy for me. 


Like most of you, I'm familiar with the motivational videos depicting bodybuilders eating nothing but white rice & chicken breast. It's so much easier to throw rice, a couple of chicken breasts, and some broccoli in an InstaPot or regular pressure cooker with some spices for an hour. 

The result? Shredded chicken & rice with broccoli that actually tastes good. I do the same with beef & potatoes or a healthy turkey Chilli. The options are endless.

Food doesn't have to be bland to be low calorie just try to stay away from adding butter & oil to dishes during the cooking process.

Everyone seems to be on some Vegan/Vegetarian kick lately. Don't be fooled by these food options. Vegetarian doesn't mean low calorie, or healthy for that matter.

If you like steak, eat steak. A 6oz filet of steak only has around 300 calories. It's all the stuff that comes with the steak that adds calories. 

Love cheese? Who doesn't? Start using more grated Parmesan, you'll use less cheese overall, and it's low in calories compared to others.

How many calories does weight lifting burn?

Not nearly enough. One of the biggest obstacles people face on their journey to single digit body fat is overestimating how many calories they need to build muscle & lose weight. You only burn around 250 calories per 30-60 minute session at your gym. Sound crazy? Well, it's true.

You might be thinking: "Yeah, but how many extra calories am I burning all day while recovering from leg day?" My friend, not enough to even be statistically significant. You should consume more protein, sure, but please don't consume an extra 500 calories because you think your body needs it. 


Keep in mind the focus of this article is on losing weight. So although weight lifting can play a huge role in accomplishing that I felt it necessary to dispel some commonly held beliefs that may keep you from reaching your goals.


To be continued...





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